Join One-on-One Endurance and receive professional coaching in a format that is athlete friendly.

Your coaching package will include:


  • Customized training schedules written in a user friendly format sent directly to your e-mail (or available on Training Peaks a web based coaching format) on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Free Unlimited use Premium Account at Training Peaks website. This top of the line product stores all your training data including HR, power profiles, speed/pace, race results and allows full use of training graphs to help chart your progress along the way to reaching your goals. Diet analysis (with a diet log) is also part of the Training Peaks package.
  • Establishment of discipline specific training zones individualized to make your training time more efficient.
  • An individualized long range plan (periodized schedule) which is the general road map that will provide direction with your training program.
  • You will have unlimited communication with Coach Jim via e-mail and phone to discuss training programs, goal setting, race strategy, nutrition, injury consultation or any other topics of interest.
  • Local triathletes have CompuTrainer access which will allow for cycling technique analysis and an objective method of testing. Power, heart rate, cadence, pedal stroke analysis are all aspects of your riding that can be evaluated and improved with this exceptional training tool. (athletes from out of town can schedule testing and training dates with Jim if desired)
  • Video analysis of technique for athletes that are interested in providing such.
  • Discounts for referrals of other athletes to One-on-One Endurance.
  • You will receive professional and friendly service in all aspects of your coaching.
  • One-on-One coaching sessions for local athletes are available for an additional fee. Contact Jim if you are interested in this in-person coaching.
  • Other customized services including athlete consultation, group coaching, speaking arrangements, and training clinics available upon request.


Costs and options

Training with One-on-One Endurance is a cost-effective investment that is designed to maximize the use of your training time. Working together with Coach Jim will lead to higher motivation and ultimately faster racing. You can train with confidence knowing that you are performing an ideal training program based specifically on your individual needs. 

Program options include:


One-on-One Triathlete Coaching Program:
  • $185 per month (4 month minimum)
  • $1050 for 6 months = ($175 per month)
  • $2040 for full year = ($170 per month)
One-on-One Distance Runner Coaching Program:
  • $110 per month (4 month minimum)
  • $630 for 6 months = ($105 per month)
  • $1200 for full year = ($100 per month)


Other options include:

Triathlete- Complete Training Program Evaluation: This is a one time face-to-face session with complete evaluation of your current training program and discipline specific technique. Determination and set up of training zones, swim mechanics analysis and discussion, CompuTrainer assisted cycling technique analysis and a complete evaluation and discussion of running form.


  • $1400 for this ultimate and complete evaluation (see above for specifics)


In-person One-on-One Coaching sessions: (Blacksburg, VA area):


  • $60 per hour session for athletes not currently working with Jim
  • $90 per hour session for 2 athletes not currently working with Jim


Underwater Swim Video Analysis: (Blacksburg, VA)


  • $120 per 60 minute pool session for athletes not currently working with Jim. This also includes a full stroke & body position analysis with screen shots and video links sent directly to your inbox.  
  • Current athletes (first session is gratis)


Coach/athlete consultation: This option offers experienced endurance athletes the best in training analysis and coaching feedback but does not include specific training schedules. Pricing will be considered on an individual basis dependent upon your needs and services provided.

Additional custom services and consultation are available at your request.